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Join Arciform in Giving Back this Season

Decorating the city

Client Services Manager Jeremy Gould invites you to join him in giving back to the community. As a volunteer firefighter he contributes 50 hours a month to keeping families safer. He asked to share a few words with the Arciform community about contributing your time and resources to your community.

Greetings all,

I just wanted to say a little something here as we approach the holiday season. I encourage everybody to find something in your communities where you can donate some of your time for a good cause. It can be anything at all. I think that if all of us humans thought this way and did these things for our communities even just one day a year, the world would be such a better place. For example, my daughter and I choose the Toy and Joy program in Newberg to donate our time to.

Kayla delivering gifts in the chiefs rig

Every year in May we hold a huge pancake feed fundraiser at the fire station and everybody works it for free. All of the money goes to purchasing toys for kids whose families may not be able to afford them. Then, when it gets closer to Christmas, we will go down to the station and wrap the toys to get them ready to deliver. Finally, on the morning of December 24th my daughter and I will commandeer the Chief’s rig, load up the toys, and go hand deliver them to the kids at their homes. We get lots of hugs from moms and grandmas, and lots of smiles from all the kids. Last year Makayla and I delivered about 500 presents. Along the way, we will also secretly be looking to see if they have a Christmas tree or any decorations, and if they don’t we will make arrangements to have them delivered. We’ve even brought groceries to a few families that obviously didn’t have much.

Every year my daughter tells me she definitely wants to do it again next year. It is really quite rewarding to know that you’re bringing so much happiness to these families. My point here is that giving even a little bit of time can have a huge impact on peoples’ lives, and the volunteers gain so much joy and build a sense of community.

We’re so grateful to have the opportunity to give back each year and we would love to hear about the ways you choose to support your community. Share your favorite organizations to support in the comments below to spread the good word about the important work being done on behalf of those in need.

Happy Holidays!

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