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Meet Jason Stephens: Estimator

Jason is the newest member of our Estimating team, he joins us from Kennedy Restoration. Find out what inspires him…

You’ve been brought on as an Estimator. Tell us about what your areas of responsibility will be.

As an estimator my primary responsibility is pricing. Whether it be contacting subcontractor, material suppliers or estimating labor hours I need to shop around and sharpen my pencil to get our customers the best quality goods and services at the best price.

You have a background in construction, flood and fire restoration, remodel and design. What aspects of Arciform’s work and process are most similar to your previous work? What’s the most different?

I graduated from Idaho State University with an A.A. in General Education. I also have a design degree from the Art Institute International Portland in Multi Media and Web Design. The most similar part of my new job here at Arciform is the construction process. It does not matter if you are dealing with an average home in an average neighborhood or a huge luxury home in a gated community, the bones of the home are built the same and in the same order. I would say the biggest difference is the client base, Arciform specializes in older, historic homes. I am used to working more on the average home in the average neighborhood or the occasional light commercial project.

Describe one of your favorite past projects. What were the challenges? What were some of the features that made it memorable?

One of my favorite projects was a residential fire in the West Hills. This two story home had a major structural fire on the main floor and we ended up tearing the home down to only a few standing walls in the basement. I was able to use the insurance proceeds to re-design and value engineer the home to increase the square footage of the home by changing the livable attic space into a full master suite. The owner was thrilled, he couldn’t believe I could get such a great new space using only the insurance proceeds.

What are the top 3 things on your “bucket list?” 

Travel to see the ancient ruins of Cambodia

Sail the Caribbean Sea

Visit Cuba


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