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Steal this Idea! Summer Design Contest | Bracket G | Central Eastside

Our first eastside joints to hit the ring are rustic-modern Olympia Provisions and industrial Biwa.

Whose design details would you steal in our Steal this Idea! Summer Design Contest? Read on.

Want to play along at home and win dinner for 2? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Complete and submit a bracket by July 10th
  2. Vote in the comments for which restaurant’s vibe you’d most like to steal for your own home

Click here for more information and contest rules.

Olympia Provisions

Housemade charcuterie and European-style meals served up in an industrial space.

Stealable Idea #1: Reclaimed Wood Bar

The reclaimed wood bar is rustic yet modern.

Designed to mimic Olympia Provisions, this rustic wood covered bar area adds to the charm of the space. Design by Anne De Wolf.

Salvage Works in North Portland has a great selection of reclaimed wood.

Stealable Idea #2: Marquee Lights

Salvaged or new, marquee lights are a great way to add some fun to your space.

Portland local Tom Seidel makes new lights and vintage lights can often be found at Grand Marketplace.

Stealable Idea #3: Library Ladder

Add permanent accessibility to your attic or shelving unit with a library ladder.

This library ladder accesses a loft with entry to a rooftop balcony. Design by Anne De Wolf.

The Stairway Shop has a variety of library ladder options in different finishes and heights.


A stylish underground restaurant featuring Japanese fusion small plates.

Stealable Idea #1: Custom Wood Bench

These wood booths add a warmth to the industrial space.

Warm tones were added to this basement with a custom built-in wood bench. Design by Anne De Wolf, styling by Shannon Quimby.

Contact Versatile Wood Products‘ Custom Design team to get started on your custom piece.

Stealable Idea #2: Industrial Venting & Polished Floors

Exposed duct work and polished concrete floors give off a modern industrial vibe.

By polishing the concrete floors and leaving the duct work exposed this modern loft has an industrial feel. Design by Anne De Wolf.

A polished, stained or painted concrete floor makes for easy maintenance and gives a modern feel to the space. Finishing products can be found through most large paint retailers. If you are a Portland local, Advanced Heating can help you with your ducting needs.

Time to choose, which style would you steal for your home? Pick one and tell us in the comments!

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Meet Project Manager Joe McAlester

Joe studied sociology at the University of Colorado. His education related to construction was gained in the field as a carpenter before, during and after college and through project management positions he has held. Prior to being hired at Arciform he worked in a similar project management capacity for an insurance restoration contractor.

How long have you worked for Arciform and what has been your favorite part about working at Arciform so far?

I started at Arciform in mid-May.  I enjoy the people, the projects we are involved in and the collaborative effort.

What inspires you about restoring and renovating older homes? What drew you to this line of work?

I’m inspired by the details, craftsmanship and materials inherent in many older homes. Those elements drew me to the work, the challenge of restoring, preserving or duplicating characteristics that for the most part you don’t see in new construction. I generally like being part of the building process, the creative aspect, the troubleshooting, and the end results.

Describe one of your favorite past projects. What were the challenges? What were some of the features that made it memorable?

One of my favorites was adding a second story to a house in the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado. There were some logistical challenges getting materials to the site as it was somewhat remote. That project sticks in my mind for the setting and the views of the mountains from the new second floor.

Tell us what you consider are the hallmarks of a well-executed project. How do you know when something is right?

In my experience the best projects are well thought out prior to starting any work. That involves all parties working as much as possible to foresee challenges so they can be planned for instead of reacted to, at which point they have a greater impact on the flow and schedule. In the end a project feels right when the client is happy, it is quality work and was executed with as few bumps along the way as possible.

What’s your working style? How do you like to work with a client?

I’m not sure I could define my working style. I try to stay on top of the details, am solution minded and forward thinking. I understand the investment both financially and emotionally for clients, their excitement and their anxiety as their house is under construction. I respect those aspects and work to keep them informed to help mitigate their concerns and I also want to share in the excitement for their new space.

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

I don’t have a list, but I would like to someday design and build a home. I also have two young kids so I’m focused on providing opportunities for them to explore and pursue their interests.

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