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Steal this Idea! Summer Design Contest | Bracket F | Division

Up next the lodge-like style of Nostrana is up against the rustic Woodsman Tavern.

Whose design details would you steal in our Steal this Idea! Summer Design Contest? Read on.

Want to play along at home and win dinner for 2? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Complete and submit a bracket by July 10th
  2. Vote in the comments for which restaurant’s vibe you’d most like to steal for your own home

Click here for more information and contest rules.


Known for their seasonally influenced Italian dishes served in a cozy lodge-like environment.

Stealable Idea #1: Dramatic Lighting

Dramatic lighting fixtures can liven the space up, which is why we love this wrought iron piece.

A dramatic fixture with some sparkle. Design by Anne De Wolf.

For dramatic lighting pieces, 1stdibs has some great options.

Stealable Idea #2: Tinted Plaster Walls

The tinted plaster walls add to the ambiance of this Italian-inspired eatery.

Tinted plastered walls in this 1908 home make the space warm and inviting. Design by Anne De Wolf.

John Macnab Plastering is our go-to for all of our plastering needs.

The Woodsman Tavern

This rustic spot serves small plates and inventive cocktails.

Stealable Idea #1: Unique Lighting Fixtures

This rustic piece is the perfect fit for the space and it’s on a pulley!

This antler chandelier is a focal point in this nook. Design by Kristyn Bester.

A focal point of the room, this antler chandelier was rigged to a salvaged pulley system. Design by Kristyn Bester.

We recommend Pottery Barn and Old Portland Hardware and Architectural for cool, unique pieces.

Stealable Idea #2: Millwork Details

The millwork detail around the bar is romantic and dramatic.

Striking staircase millwork in this 1909 home. Design by Anne De Wolf.

With a catalog of over 500 custom ground woodworking knives, Versatile Wood Products can shape your mouldings and other wood details to any shape you desire.

Time to choose, which style would you steal for your home? Pick one and tell us in the comments!

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  1. Burdean #

    Nostrana’s deep rich colors pick up the light from those striking fixtures. Nostrana it is.

    July 9, 2015

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