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Steal this Idea! Summer Design Contest | Bracket A | NoPo

Ox Exterior

This is the first round of our Steal this Idea! Summer Design Contest. Each week we will spotlight a few pairs of restaurants from a different Portland neighborhood. Each post will highlight stealable ideas for your own home.

Want to play? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Complete and submit a bracket
  2. Vote in the comments of this post for which restaurant’s vibe you’d most like to steal for your own home

Click here for more information and contest rules.

First up, rustic Ox will battle it out against eclectic Broder Nord!


Located in the Eliot neighborhood, the Argentinean-inspired NW fare is cooked on a wood-fired grill.

Stealable Idea #1: Vintage Refrigerator

Our favorite back-bar item is this vintage style refrigerator…


This 1931 era appropriate kitchen features a Big Chill refrigerator. Design by Kristyn Bester

One of Arciform’s favorite retro refrigerators is Big Chill. Available in a number of sizes and colors.

Stealable Idea #2: Globe Pendant Light Fixture

Light fixtures can help to achieve the look and style you’re after which is why we love these sleek globe pendants.


A similar item can be found at Rejuvenation.

Rejuv light

A perfect frame for the vanity, these custom globe pendants fit perfectly in this sleek bathroom . Design by Kristyn Bester. Photo by Photo Art Portraits.

Stealable Idea #3: Rustic Wide-Plank Floors

We love these wide-plank floors because they look like they’ve always been here and give the space a rustic vibe.


Wide-plank flooring in this fun kitchen is rustic and charming. Design by Anne De Wolf. Photo by Photo Art Portraits

Pioneer Millwork here in Portland is a good option for your salvaged flooring needs.

Broder Nord

Also in the Eliot neighborhood, this Swedish inspired spot is a popular brunch destination.

Stealable Idea #1: Concrete Floor

Concrete flooring is a great option for a heavy traffic area as it extremely durable while giving off an industrial yet modern vibe.


A concrete floor was a given for easy maintenance in this 1924 basement wet room. It also allowed for extra, much needed headroom for this tall client. Design by Kristyn Bester. Photo by Photo Art Portraits.

A polished, stained or painted concrete floor makes for easy maintenance and gives a modern feel to the space. Finishing products can be found through most large paint retailers.

Stealable Idea #2: Vintage Prep Cart

Here at Arciform, we LOVE salvaged materials which is why we like this vintage prep station.

Restaurants_BroderNord_ (1)2

The salvaged metal frame was updated with a custom butcher block counter and wood shelving. Design by Anne De Wolf. Photo by Photo Art Portraits.

Do you have a special vintage or salvaged piece that needs some updating? Versatile Wood Products‘ custom shop can fulfill just about all of your custom woodworking needs.

Stealable Idea #3: Brick-Set Ceramic Tile

A simple brick-set subway tile is classic yet sophisticated, always a great option for that timeless look.


A simple brick-set subway tile is a perfect fit for this 1912 kitchen. Design by Chelly Wentworth. Photo by Photo Art Portraits.

There are so many options when it comes to tile, but one of our favorites is the Rittenhouse Square from Daltile.

Which restaurant’s style would you steal? Choose one and tell us why in the comments below.

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  1. Broder Nord: Love the repetitive subway tile – The concrete floors are hardy and impossible to destroy, the organic materials, wood/marble combined with the industrial/cook-house/bunkroom feel lends to either antique, shabby chic or contemporary furniture.

    June 11, 2015
  2. burdean #

    2nd Try: Love the concrete, impossible to destroy, floors – The repetitive subway tiles – the organic materials make the place fit for shabby chic, antiques or contemporary furniture.
    Bunkhouse/industrial/cookhouse feel is real and very comfortable.

    June 11, 2015
  3. Kathy Rawls #

    I love the rustic wide plank floors at OX!

    June 12, 2015

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