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Knife Storage Solutions


We asked our Junior Designers for some of their favorite knife storage solutions. Read on to find out what Bianca and Kat have been seeing lately…

Bianca says…

This is the knife block that I have at home. I absolutely love it because it’s a beautiful way to display my knives and very easy to access.

west elm knife block

Kat and Bianca agree…

The best knife storage solutions are easily accessible in a prep area but are still out of the way of little hands. The drawer insert is probably one of the best options and would also age appropriately with the home. They keep countertop clutter to a minimum and protect the knives, too. You can have drawer inserts custom-created to fit into a very shallow top drawer for flat things like spatulas, etc. Knife drawer

Because Bianca is a sucker for unique design, she loves these options…

wrench knife

saddle knife

Kat says…

Another popular option for very busy chefs who prefer to have everything in-sight and readily accessible is a magnetic knife board. Easy to grab what you need, easy to put it back after washing.

Magnet Knife Rack

Other unique options we’ve been seeing…

6 kitchen storage trends - pullout knife drawer


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