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What’s the Story of Your Home?

At our recent kitchen design workshop we had the opportunity to ask attendees for stories about their home’s history.

Here are a few of our favorite answers:


“Before our home was built the lot was the site of the neighborhood Victory Garden during WWII.”

“It was built by Hemenway for a dentist and his family. 6 families have lived in our home but we are the only family to have a baby and young children raised in the home.”


“My home was a room boarding home with a community bath and kitchen.We swapped the kitchen and bedroom and opened up the kitchen to triple it to its present design.”

“Our home has a natural spring under the basement.”


“Our basement has nails for drying herbs all throughout the ceiling. When I dried some herbs for the first time and told my husband how convenient and cool that was, he said, “Well, this house was a commune for a time after it was a farm; they probably dried pot down there!”


“I live on a builders’ Street of Dreams from 1972.”


“Our home was once owned by a local car dealer- a golfer, he covered the entire concrete patio with plastic grass and several holes. Inside he built 2 giant cylindrical chimneys… one for the fireplace and another for an indoor barbeque!”



“Built by Mr & Mrs Raven (of Raven Creamery) as their retirement home next door to their original home (The Overlook House) which they donated to the city of Portland to be used as a community center.”

overlook house

“It was originally seasonal housing for orchard workers. During the 1950’s, a family with the last name ‘Disney’ lived here so we like to think we’re somehow connected to the Magic Kingdom!”

Walt Disney, Diane Disney, Sharon Disney, Louisa Wallace
“Dr Horace Francis for whom the house was built, was the physician for the Siletz Tribe.”
horace francis
“The residential living space in my 100 year old building was once a boarding house for sailors who needed a room for a night.”

“Single family ownership from 1945-2001. The woman of the house loved pink and her husband(s) went along for the ride: pink stucco exterior, pink bathroom tile, pink azaleas and roses!”pink
“There were naughty pictures of the original owners hidden on top of the laundry room cabinets. The owners we bought from never found them.”

Name a book that was published the year your house was built.

“The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, by Beatrix Potter”

“The Next Wizard of Oz”

“Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter”

alice zombieland

“How to Give Birth”

What’s the story of your home? Tell us in the comments below to be entered to win 4 hours of complimentary Carpenter on Call service from Arciform.

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