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The Stories Your House Could Tell

Last night at our Timeless Bathrooms Workshop, we asked participants to share a story they know about the history of their house.

hands holding house

We got some fascinating responses that reminded us just how personal your relationship with your house can be. Here are some of the highlights:


“When we went with our realtor to look at our home the first time, a 20 yr old version of the 6 year old in my first grade class opened the door! He and his family sold our home to us!”

“The architect liked what he built so much he copied it next door to his lot.”

“The previous owners owned the Black Cat Tavern in Sellwood. Lived in this home for over 50 years!”

“The original owner of the house used to sell wood from the trees on the property. Hence the name of the neighborhood: Sellwood.”

“It was built by Thomas Autzen- from Autzen Stadium- he invented plywood.”

“It was built in the mid-thirties and in the furnace clear out we found papers from the year of both our births!”

“The house stood in berry fields, we think it was the oldest son’s house from the 1908 house 3 blocks away.”


What stories do you know about your own home’s history?

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